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Hello Dear Blogger Friends~

I just started this blog because I had lost my blogspot blog, and I was happy to start this one!  BUT the news is that Blogspot has reinstated my deleted blog, and apologized for what happened.  I never did find out why it was deleted, and what the problem was, but I am very glad to have it back.  My blog on Blogspot has some history to it now, and I have Followers and people that have signed up to receive by email.

I have yet to have a follower here, and also only one comment, so I will ask that if you’d like to read my blog or follow me…to come to

I am going to keep this blog just in case I have another purpose for it.  Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me here, and I hope you come and see me at my other blog.



In Christ Alone~



Welcome to my new Blog~

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Dear Family and Friends,

Welcome to my new blog!  I am sure praying this newest blog will work out nicely, and not delete itself!  God is good, even in very frustrating times.  For anyone new reading this post, I have had 3 Blogspot blogs that were hacked or deleted by someone without my consent.  So I’ve decided to try WordPress, and hope this is my happy new home!

I love to chat about my family, friends, the LORD Jesus, and my latest sewing projects.  I also like to show pictures.  So hopefully I’ll master this new blog and be able to write something worth reading.

Please come back and see me each day!


In Christ Alone~